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FLUX is the User Experience (UX) Design club at SCAD. Our mission is to equip students of all majors with the skills and knowledge to be able to research, impact, and create for the world we live in. FLUX aims to provide members the opportunity to grow and learn outside of their courses through workshops, lectures, design sprints, and a strong collaborative community.
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Intro to Adobe XD

Taking your first UX class? Adobe XD is a great tool to start learning wireframing & prototyping. Join us and learn the basics to Adobe XD!
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Designing for Screens

What are the differences between designing for print and screen? Learn tips & industry standards for designing for screens.
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We have a Discord! Join us for the latest FLUX updates, share cool ideas, meet new people, and have fun!
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Mentor / Mentee Program

Our mentorship program is still happening this quarter! Stay tuned in our Discord or Instagram for the latest updates!
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FLUX Medium Publication

FLUX will be publishing medium articles to help support you through these turbulent times! Want to write or submit an article? Let us know!
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FLUX Community

FLUX exists to foster a community of leaders and problem-solvers through UX Design. Check out some of the work from some of our members, and feel free to submit yours as well! Portfolio submissions are open to all members of the FLUX community, regardless of major.

FLUXathon Spring 2020 Winners

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First Place - Netflix

Our first place winners took a look at an app we all use far too much, Netflix. One of their highest praises from the judges was that they didn't redesign the entire interface, they took a look at a few key pain points and honed in on making the app more usable. Combined with their new product, the Netflix Beem, the Netflix Team created a great new binge-watching experience!
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Second Place - Wikipedia

Our Second Place team took a look at a website everyone loves to hate, Wikipedia. They completely rehauled it's design, making it much more user-friendly, as well as pleasing to look at. They re-organized the hierarchy of information, and included a profile function for better policing of article editing. Over, the Wikipedia team created a more cohesive and easily understandable information giant.
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Third Place - Drinking Buddies

Our third place winners went a different route, and chose to redesign an experience! Instead of marking your number of drinks in a night on your wrist, they created a simple Apple Watch App interface to help count for you! They created this feature, along with several others, including different assigned labels and rideshare options to optimize your experience.
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